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Information for Tabor Families

Community at boarding school event

The Tabor Community

Our School by the Sea welcomes families from across the nation and around the globe, with more than 17,000 parents, guardians, grandparents, alumni, faculty and staff, trustees, and friends making up our network of Seawolves. We strive to build and foster strong connections and to uphold Tabor’s mission in our daily lives. Most importantly, the Tabor community is here to support our current students – the youngest members of the Tabor family – as a network of passionate advocates, volunteers, and philanthropists.

Get Involved 

No matter where you live – down the street or across the globe – we encourage you to get involved, and we offer many ways for parents to do so throughout the year, both in person and virtually.

Join a Culture of Philanthropy

Giving has always played a major role in our community, beginning in 1876 with our founder Elizabeth Taber. Each year parents, alumni, grandparents, and friends support both current operations through the Fund for Tabor and capital initiatives to help enrich the student experience and the school’s mission. 

Support above and beyond tuition is integral to sustaining the school’s mission, and we rely on our current families to support Tabor with an annual gift. Below are ways that you can contribute to Tabor’s culture of philanthropy.

Helpful Links

Visiting your Seawolf?

Check out this list of nearby businesses when planning your next trip to Tabor.

Eat, Stay & Play

Please Reach Out!

The Office of Parent Engagement is here to serve as a resource to you as you navigate your student's journey and decide how you would like to be involved with Tabor Academy. Please feel free to contact us at any time!

Family at boarding school event on Grandparents Day

Meet the Parents Association:

Martina Kahn
I am really excited to be the PA Chair. It’s a wonderful way to get involved, meet other parents and guardians and to become a part of the Tabor family.
Martina Kahn P’25

PA Representatives

  • Chair:
    Martina Kahn P’25
  • Class of 2023:
    Jeanne Poulin P‘23
    Gina Murray P‘23
    Rebecca Synnestvedt P’23, ’23, ’24
  • Class of 2024:
    Andrea Beaulieu P’23, ’24
    Jill Seidel P’24
  • Class of 2025:
    Kim Elber P’25
    Diane Nash P’25
  • Class of 2026
    Courtney Bridge P’24, ’26
    Allison Segalini P ’26
  • Global Parent Liaisons
    Chunling Li P’23, ’26 
    Sally Sun P’24